About Us


Based in TOKYO JAPAN since 2015. Our Main Company in Japan is operating in two major cities Tokyo & Osaka, We buy low mileage vehicles for complete export or dismantling for parts, Every engine and transmission we receive in our California location is coming out of running vehicles (NOT FROM RECYCLE LINE OR JUNKYARDS).

The premiere supplier of Japanese Domestic Market Motors, JDM Westside strives to provide you with the absolute best in JDM engines and auto parts.
Our expert team of Technicians, Mechanics, Machinists, and Customer Sales Agents has built a reputation that reflects our years of professional experience in the automotive industry. As the trusted name in import motors.

JDM Westside goes the extra mile for its customers. Each one of our top-quality auto parts is imported from Japan, and reviewed in house by one of our expert mechanics. Utilizing a term of international buyers, JDM Westside sources engines first-hand, which then undergo the rigorous screening process to ensure that the highest quality units are brought into the US. Only after an engine passes our strict inspection process will it be given the right to carry the JDM Westside name.


Please call us or send us a message and we will work that out directly with you. You may be able to reserve a vehicle this way, but it is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Call us over the phone and we'll help you resolve any purchasing issues.
Our inventory changes regularly, so please bookmark us and check back later to see if new parts have come in!
You can reserve something by using the site to buy a reserve for a fee. We will then hold the item under your name for up to three weeks, by which time you must have completed the rest of the payment. If you don't complete the payment then the item becomes available to the general public again and the fee is non-refundable.